Just Swooning Around

Today I finally got around to not only updating my blog, but updating a blog post! I must really be on it lately! ; ) (big thanks if you're taking the time to still keep up with this blog) I wanted to share with you my finished swoon quilt pictured below. With the loads of… Continue reading Just Swooning Around


The Liebster Award! Who Me?

~Yay!~ Source   My amazingly talented, Fun YouTube inspiration, and blogger friend, Amanda Rolfe has nominated me and my blog for a Liebster Award!  (Feeling so honored –Thanks Amanda, you’re awesome!) A Liebster Award is an award given from one blogger to the next, recognizing the amazing hard work they put into their blogs as… Continue reading The Liebster Award! Who Me?

My First Donated Quilt

    I'm so happy to share my very first donated quilt with everyone! WOW! It feels so good to finish something so amazing and then to donate it to a well deserving place! This pattern is called, "Swoon" and it is sold by Thimble Blossom's.  You can purchase the pattern at the link below.  I… Continue reading My First Donated Quilt